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About NRA

The National Roads Authority was created on 1 July 2004 by the National Roads Authority Law (2004).The NRA was created to administer, manage, control, develop and maintain the Islands ’ public roads and related facilities, such as signals, stormwater facilities, roadway lighting, roadway directional signage, etc.

It performs the following: collects information on the performance of the existing transportation system, forecasts future traffic demand, and identifies possible solutions to anticipated issues in system performance and deficiencies.

The NRA will publish a long-term National Roads Plan (NRP) every four years, to be updated annually. The National Roads Plan, which is a general planning document, will be the provision on which medium to long-term plans for road development will be identified. It also will be used to seek approval for funding of NRP projects that will be implemented according to the objectives of this long-term plan.

A board of directors governs the NRA. Members of the board are appointed by the Governor in Cabinet. The Minister responsible for the authority may give general policy directions to the board. The board is then responsible for enacting NRA policy and the general affairs and business of the authority.

The NRA’s managing director oversee daily operations, supported by the deputy director. According to the National Roads Authority Law, the managing director is charged with specifying a three-year public roads development plan that includes construction programmes for new public roads.

This plan complements the NRP by detailing which projects will be done with allocated resources and staff. Within the NRA, the transportation planning unit handles a broad range of short- and long-term planning functions, and prioritises needs.

Complementing this is the roads engineering/maintenance and operations unit. Road engineering involves preparing and managing projects, and coordination of highway design and construction. Maintenance and operations is responsible for such duties as maintaining roadways, equipment, signs, payment markings, signals and lighting.

The administrative unit manages the human resources of the NRA; handles accounts and manages finances, including purchasing, fee collection, and office and computer support.

Funding :

To finance the authority, government has created a “Road Fund,” with four categories of revenue. These are:

20% of the duty collected motor gasoline imported into the Islands

16 2/3 % of the duty collected upon diesel oil imported into the Islands, (Excluding diesel used by Caribbean utilities co. ltd.).

100% of the fees paid to the infrastructure fund, as outlined in the Development and Planning Law (2003 Revision).

80% of the fees paid in respect of the registration of motor vehicles under Part II of the Traffic Law (2003 Revision).

The National Roads Authority

370 North Sound Road – PWD Building,

Cayman Islands, P.O. Box 10426 KY1-1004.

Contact Number : (345)946-7780.

Fax Number : (345)946-4151.